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Hard-to-Find Electrical Components Sourced with Excellence

 At Willis Electrical, we specialize in the procurement of hard-to-find electrical components from an extensive range of manufacturers.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures reliable sourcing for all your needs.

We offer comprehensive electrical solutions, including engineering and programming, commercial electrical service and repair, and distribution.

As trusted electricity suppliers and an electronic components manufacturer, we are dedicated to meeting your requirements.

See how Willis Electrical helps our customers stay competitive in an increasingly complex world.



Explore our comprehensive catalog, which includes

Type 7/9 Enclosures

Safeguard your operations in hazardous environments with our specialized enclosures, offering unparalleled safety features.

Fittings & Glands

Ensure secure connections in your electrical systems with our high-quality fittings and glands, providing peace of mind in every installation.

HMI’s, PLC’s, and Controllers

Empower your operations with advanced automation solutions, tailored to your specific needs for seamless integration and control.

Overload, Relays, and Circuit Breakers

Safeguard your circuits with our essential overload relays and circuit breakers, providing crucial protection against electrical faults.


Variable Frequency Drives

Optimize motor performance and energy efficiency with our comprehensive selection of VFDs, tailored to your application requirements.

Power Distribution

Achieve efficient and dependable power distribution with our range of solutions, designed to meet the demands of modern electrical systems.

Wire & Conduit

Keep your wiring organized and secure with our premium wire and conduit products, ensuring reliable electrical connections.

Pumps & Motors

Power your operations with our reliable pumps and motors, providing essential energy sources for a wide range of industrial processes.

Enclosures & Junction Boxes

Protect your valuable equipment with our robust enclosures and junction boxes, designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

Plugs & Receptacles

Experience seamless power connectivity with our versatile plugs and receptacles, designed for reliability and convenience.

Operators, Pilot Devices, and Lighting

Illuminate and control your workspace with precision using our range of operators, pilot devices, and lighting solutions, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Terminal Blocks

Streamline your wiring setups with our dependable terminal blocks, ensuring efficient and organized electrical connections.

Motor Starters

Ensure reliable motor operation with our dependable starters, designed for consistent performance and longevity.

Transformers (CPT)

Customize your power supply with our Control Power Transformers, ensuring reliable voltage regulation for your equipment.

Lighting Solutions

Illuminate your environment with our extensive range of lighting options, enhancing visibility and safety in any setting.

Processing Valves

Enhance process control and reliability with our precision valves, designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial applications.

Experience Seamless Sourcing with Willis Electrical

Your Trusted Partner for Reliable Solutions


Trust Willis Electrical to source even the most elusive parts, ensuring your projects proceed smoothly and efficiently. Our exceptional team of experts and engineers ensures that all panels are designed efficiently and wired as cleanly as possible.

We strive for excellence in customer service, taking all necessary measures and implementing safeguards to ensure our systems meet both customer and industry standards.

Simplify Your Experience with Willis Electrical

Our Commitment to Exceptional Solutions and Support

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions:

  • State-of-the-art fabrication techniques
  • Precise engineering methods
  • Programming and configuration expertise
  • Adherence to UL 508A Standard Requirements
  • Rigorous testing before delivery
  • Round-the-clock technical support

Contact us today by phone at (281) 469-1268 or email sales@williselectrical.com to learn more about our services and experience the Willis Electrical difference for yourself.

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