Motor Starter for UL 55 Degree Celsius Testing

Certifying Equipment for High-Temperature Environments

About the Customer

The customer operates in the industrial equipment sector, specializing in the design and manufacturing of control systems for various applications.

With a focus on regions with extreme temperatures such as West Texas, the customer faced challenges in certifying their equipment for operation in environments exceeding standard temperature ratings (40 degree Celsius).

Customers demanded assurances that the equipment could withstand temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius (131 degrees Fahrenheit), surpassing conventional certification limits.


Prior to engaging our services, the customer encountered significant hurdles in meeting customer demands for equipment certified for elevated temperatures. Existing certification standards, typically limited to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), posed limitations on market expansion into regions with higher ambient temperatures.

Customers in these regions required assurances that the equipment could operate reliably in extreme conditions, necessitating certification beyond conventional thresholds.

The customer sought a solution to certify their control systems for operation at temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius, enabling market penetration and meeting customer demands for higher temperature tolerance.

How Willis Electrical Provided Solutions for Oil & Gas OEM

Collaborating closely with the customer, we embarked on a comprehensive design and testing process to achieve certification for elevated temperature environments. We conducted a thorough review of control system components, ensuring each element met stringent temperature resistance criteria.

Leveraging our expertise in control system design, we developed tailored solutions capable of withstanding temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit), exceeding customer requirements.

Utilizing materials and components rated for higher temperatures, we engineered control systems with enhanced heat dissipation capabilities and robust performance under extreme conditions.

We fabricated three sample units for each control system design, rigorously testing them in simulated operating environments. Samples were subjected to temperature stress tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to validate performance under elevated temperatures. UL-certified temperature tests confirmed that the control systems met the required temperature thresholds, providing customers with assurances of reliability and performance in high-temperature environments.

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The implementation of our solution enabled the customer to address customer demands for equipment tested for operation in high-temperature environments, unlocking new market opportunities and enhancing competitive advantage.

By achieving certification for temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius, the customer gained access to markets in regions with extreme temperatures, including West Texas, New Mexico, and the Middle East. The provision of UL- temperature test results instilled confidence in customers, facilitating sales and market expansion initiatives.

Our solution offered scalability and versatility, allowing the customer to adapt control system designs to meet specific customer requirements for elevated temperature tolerance. The ability to provide documented assurances of equipment performance in extreme conditions enhanced customer trust and satisfaction, driving business growth and market differentiation.