Custom VFD: Improving Delivery for a Leading Manufacturer

About the Customer

The customer, a prominent player in the industrial equipment sector, specializes in providing innovative solutions for various applications, including pump systems.

Faced with challenges related to lead times and spatial constraints, the customer sought assistance in integrating Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) into their existing control system lineup.

Operating within tight schedules and limited space allocations, the customer required a solution that would expedite project timelines without compromising performance or aesthetics.


The customer’s primary challenge revolved around sourcing VFDs within acceptable lead times, as the manufacturer’s estimated delivery schedules exceeded project timelines.

Additionally, spatial constraints posed limitations on equipment integration, requiring the new control systems to fit seamlessly alongside existing gear without occupying additional space.

With specific design requirements and a need to maintain consistency in appearance with factory OEM units, the customer faced hurdles in achieving their project objectives within the desired timeframe.

How Willis Electrical Provided VFD Solutions

Collaborating closely with the customer, we identified readily available VFDs in stock to minimize lead times and expedite project completion. Customization was key to addressing spatial constraints, necessitating the design of vertically oriented enclosures to optimize space utilization.

By strategically configuring the layout and orientation of components, including VFDs, breakers, reactors, and controls, we ensured a compact yet efficient design that aligned with the client’s aesthetic and performance requirements.

Rigorous heat calculations and load testing were conducted to safeguard against overheating and ensure optimal performance under operating conditions.

Reinforced enclosure walls were engineered to support the weight of the VFDs, distributed evenly across the mounting surface to prevent structural issues. Leveraging our expertise in custom control system integration, we delivered solutions tailored to the client’s specific needs, balancing functionality, durability, and space efficiency.


Our solution enabled the customer to meet project deadlines and address customer demands for integrated control systems in industrial pump applications.

By reducing lead times and optimizing spatial utilization, we provided a cost-effective and efficient solution that surpassed the customer’s expectations.

The custom-designed enclosures seamlessly integrated with existing equipment, maintaining visual consistency and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the facility.

Third-party approvals, including UL listing, further validated the quality and reliability of the integrated control systems, instilling confidence in customers and facilitating market acceptance.

The successful implementation of the project underscored our ability to deliver innovative solutions tailored to the unique requirements of industrial applications.